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Inside the 2017, nearly ninety ages after its basic publication, Pisma iz Indije try reissued, modified by the Dr

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Inside the 2017, nearly ninety ages after its basic publication, Pisma iz Indije try reissued, modified by the Dr

Ana Stjelja, step one an university student who has been studying the literary performs out of that it in the world travelers and girl writer out of cГјce buluЕџma uygulamasД± Krusevac

The escapades from Jelena Dimitrijevic about epic excursion, but not, did not trigger Haifa; she together with traveled for the Asia, visiting India, Asia, and you can The japanese. Ergo, this type of symptoms in the travelogue Sedam mora we tri okeana: Putem oko sveta always emerge and develop in her most other book-quick epistolary notes, Pisma iz Indije (Letters away from India), first blogged when you look at the 1928 within the Belgrade. dos It 2017 model off Pisma are wrote honoring the brand new 155th wedding regarding Jelena Dimitrijevic’s delivery and in honor of 90th wedding out-of their run into into Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore. It functions as an indication of one’s literary and you will cultural benefits of text message, and you may is sold with the editor’s statements and you can synchronous translations on English and Hindi (Devanagari script) while the a variety of readership attraction, permitting Jelena Dimitrijevic’s oeuvre being more obtainable and read much past Serbia.

Pisma iz Indije contains not merely private findings and you can autobiographical article site, in addition to will act as an excellent testimony of the ethos and you can modus vivendi of the people which have whom, regardless of if geographically and culturally faraway, new Serbian author located a spiritual liaison. The travelogue includes a few epistolary ideas from Madras delivered to unspecified addressees, much more accurately so you can women youngsters, or to young girls. The newest English translation out of Pisma is actually precise, extremely following the notion of this new poetic self, regardless of if the transposition into the several other words creates certain downsides essentially noted from the prosodic and you may lexical borders of one’s vocabulary. This new Hindi version is essentially translated in the English, so it would be a good idea later to have Hindi code masters to discuss the standard of this translation, because an excellent semantic transfer is not separate regarding the expertise out-of culture.

In the 1st letter, the author illustrates this lady “march” so you can Asia truthfully into eleven February 1927, sketching the lady earliest contact with new Indian surface, the people, the habits, and you will lifestyle. Picturesque descriptions that follow the girl inner county and you may adventure demystify this new textual build and topos (commonplace) of your own Eastern community. The first page implies new narrator’s immense want to see Rabindranath Tagore and you will functions as a keen overture into 2nd-some extended-page one to reconstructs new encounter of these two poetic souls when you look at the Asia. Another letter, dated twelve March 1927, includes reveal dysfunction out of the lady basic see out of an effective holy forehead, in addition to talks on the colonialism and you can latest items within the Asia. Each one of these detailed definitions, findings, seemingly subsidiary occurrences and you will facts means “the new physical stature in the religious reputation of Tagore, exactly as men and women individuals gods and you may deities when it comes to individuals and you can animals inside Hindu temples try a frame within sacred becoming regarding Brahma” (59). The feeling away from belonging to India gradually becomes good write out-of ladies phenomenology, considering that writer, to your plenty of instances, is the Indian country given that a mother.

Nevertheless, apparently Jelena Dimitrijevic’s love for the fresh new odd and unbridled India is the most powerful impact your audience finds out about stylistically nuanced fragments of text

The newest feminist consider Sedam mora i tri okeana: Putem oko sveta, which includes caught personal educational attention within the early in the day ages, is evident regarding first section, in which Jelena Dimitrijevic dedicates her guide so you’re able to not one person otherwise but in order to lady. Actually, Sedam mora i tri okeana is actually interspersed that have contemplations of your own as an alternative inequitable reputation of women in various parts of the world, out of old until the last few years. It is as a consequence of a good feminist position, that’s expose, inter alia, from the definitions of localities and you can seem to innocuous local methods that the author situations into the the newest subdued components off women’s subordination. Inside white, away from kind of desire would be the multiple parallels one to Dimitrijevic brings anywhere between recently modernized Poultry nevertheless purely patriarchal Egypt. An entire part try dedicated to the brand new author’s meeting with Huda Sha’arawi, a popular Egyptian feminist at that time, whom recommended for women’s directly to choose within her country. Although not, the importance of it run into when you look at the Sedam mora we tri okeana really stands synchronous towards the author’s stop by at Bengali poet Tagore inside the Pisma. Tagore, visibly ill, gets Dimitrijevic in the a kind and you may loyal styles, remembering the fresh “Slavic hospitality” (54) the guy educated during the their stay-in Belgrade. Although the main narrative within the Pisma is short for the fresh come upon with Tagore, an important photo gets the fresh narrator’s kaleidoscopic logo of the East through the picture of the fresh Bengali poet, higher level observations, and you will disenchantment of actually petrified topos of your own Eastern: “It is really not the way i enjoys discover otherwise observed it” (37).

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